4 Reasons Why It Makes Sense to Compare Paul Davis Franchise Opportunities With Other Options

Do you like the idea of operating an emergency cleanup service? How about one that goes beyond emergencies and also handles industrial cleaning? There are a number of viable franchise options on the market. It’s up to you to decide if something like the current Paul Davis franchise opportunities would be best, or if a different franchise deal would work. As you compare the particulars, keep the following in mind.

Looking Closely at Initial Franchise Fees

No matter what type of cleaning franchise you consider, there will be some type of initial fee. Some programs specify a fixed amount. Others have a schedule that makes it possible to determine the total fee based on several requirements.

For example, a sliding scale for initial fees may be based on the population of the area where your business will serve. More people in your territory may lead to a lower assessment per person. At the same time, a territory that’s less populated may carry a higher assessment per person. Look at the local population and use the figures provided by the franchisor. That will give you a good idea of what sort of fee will be assessed.

And the Overall Startup Costs

Startup costs typically include everything that is needed to launch the business. That will include whatever costs are due to the franchisor, plus any other expenses related to establishing a physical presence in the territory. The franchisor has likely evaluated the area in advance and has some general ideas of what local costs must be calculated into the launch of your franchise.

With this aspect, it pays to overestimate your projected startup costs. While the amount that you pay to the franchisor may be easier to calculate, all sorts of factors can influence what you will pay for local services, space for the business to operate, and other essentials. If you’re prepared to spend more and the figure ends up being less, that’s great.

The Initial Cost of Supplies and Equipment

One of the perks that often comes with opening a franchise is that you are able to tap into any type of volume purchasing agreements that the franchisor has in place. This can be great when it comes to managing the costs of supplies and equipment. What you could get via the volume purchasing agreement versus buying things on your own can be significant.

As with the Paul Davis franchise opportunities and others, look closely at what it would cost to outfit your business with everything needed to open the doors. While you’re at it, look closely at what sort of ongoing support you can get via any special deals through approved vendors. This will make it easier to operate with a less costly inventory, something that will save on taxes.

How the Royalties are Calculated

You will pay a royalty to the franchisor. How much and how frequently will vary from one program to the next. You do want to know a little about how the royalty is calculated.

For example, is it assessed monthly? Is it based on generated revenue or is the collected revenue for the period used? If you generate over a certain amount of business volume, does the percentage of the royalty change? Once you know the answers, it will be easier to evaluate the overall franchise structure.

It’s up to you to decide if a particular franchise deal is the way to go. Compare your options carefully, and make sure you can comply with all of the qualifications. If the deal looks like it would be a good fit financially and with your talents, open discussions with the franchisor and see where they go.