A general rule to follow is that most water features will lose about 1 inch per week from evaporation.

Any time you splash water in the air there will be some type of evaporation. How much depends on many factors including:

· Difference between air and water temperature

· Wind

· Sun vs clouds

· Fall (height of pattern)

· Droplet size and more…..

All decorative discount-pumps.biz/pond-lake-aerators.php pond aerators or discount-pumps.biz/floating-fountains.htm pond fountains that splash at the surface will have the most evaporation. Surface aerators that just bubble and circulate will give the lowest percentage of evaporation per (gallons per minute)

Now we have to add some real variable into the equation, this is the “splash factor” in the stream bed and also the waterfall. If it is a very hot summer day and the water is splashing small droplets onto a hot rocks, it will immediately evaporate rather than …


Easy Ways to Protect an Expensive Air Conditioner System

Air conditioning system only heats and cools spaces properly in a consistent manner when its hardware is in optimum condition. Although the process of protecting an air conditioning system throughout each season sounds tough, there are easy ways to accomplish this task. Clean the Condenser

The outdoor unit is a very important piece of hardware because it powers everything. If debris gets in various nooks and crannies, the condenser won’t function efficiently. In order to avoid performance problems, you must clear debris out of your outdoor unit on a regular basis. Maintain the Vents

As air blasts out of the main unit, various currents move through the ducts. Whenever something blocks the vents that distribute these currents inside a home, an air conditioning system will run longer, and a lengthy cooling or heating cycle can strain an HVAC system’s motor. To ensure that your system powers down on time, inspect …