How to keep your house warm during winter

It is getting chilly already. The summer records of highs and lows are gone, and the change in temperature is shocking. To stay warm at home at this period can be quite expensive. This is the reason why we came up with ways you can keep your house warm during winter without spending too much. Home appliances that guarantee warmth is extremely important in this crucial time. It is not enough to get only quality rugs to cover the floor from rugs direct to achieve warmth. There are many things you can do to keep yourself warm and cozy in the house. The guide below includes pointers, on being cozy at home during the winter and they are as follow:

1.  Fix a floating shelf above the radiators.

The flow of heat around the house can be controlled via a  floating shelf. A floating shelf fixed above the radiator will assist in deflecting heat around the house, stopping it from rising up to the ceiling where it won’t be useful.

2.  Rearrange Furniture

Furniture has to be placed strategically when trying to keep your home warm throughout winter. Position the furniture around sources of heat. And avoid placing couches, beds spots that are draughty, for instance, a door or window.

3.  Curtains should be left open till 3pm

Curtains can be closed up at night to retain the heat, but in the day it should be opened so sunlight can heat up the rooms naturally. Sun sets by 4pm so curtains should be closed by 3pm to keep the heat in.

4.  Your windows should be draught proof

This is an easy task that is DIY. You can apply a foam tap that is self-adhesive to the window frame or call a local handyman to do it. Draughts also can occur in cracks between the wall surroundings and window frames. You can use a putty or sealant to seal.

5.  Floorboards should be filled

Stripped-floorboards appear extraordinary but in between cold air can be let in. Filler that is silicon based can be used to fill in floorboards.

6.  Using a rug

This is a fast solution if you can’t fill in the floorboards, just get a rug or more and lay on the floor. It is trendy to use layer rugs, so you don’t need one big design to envelop a bigger surface. Your home feels warmer and more comfortable instantly.

7.  Use durable curtains

Curtains that are heavyweight and lined with thermal insulators  help keep the home warm by effectively keeping out the cold, especially if you have windows that are single-glazed.

8.  Use underlay

You can use underlay under your carpet as it makes a huge difference in your home insulation. Energy bills  of up to 15{31391829334480f614521708b1cdf60ae029e113880f5980cdcedfd3ac49511b} can be saved.

Others are:

  • Good insulation
  • Having a fireplace/or heater
  • Loft hatches that are draught proofed
  • Use a warm water bottle and so on


There are several home improvements that can be done to keep your warm during winter. A cup of coffee is next!