Maintaining your Home: How to Hire the Perfect Housekeeper?

Having a housekeeper at home may appear at first sight a luxury, but when you think harder about it, it is an investment well worth making. Because free time is quite rare and precious in our very busy lives, having someone you trust to take care of the tasks you love less can result in an incredible improvement in your quality of life! But finding the best housekeeper is not an easy task. Before undertaking such a process, you will first have to assess your needs. For an effective deep cleaning, it is best to go around every room in your home, to determine what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. Remember that your future housekeeper will not make such decisions.

Where to Find a Qualified and Trustworthy Housekeeper?

There are different ways to find the right person who will daily take care of your home. You can peel classified ads, opt for word of mouth or even use a specialized agency. It is possible to find a good housekeeper by checking many ads on the local newspapers or on the Web. For instance, you can choose a reliable Job board and search on social media such as Instagram and Facebook. But is then important to ask for the person’s references. If possible, try to establish first a good contact with them in order to know them better and to try to understand their true intention.

The Requisite Skills of a Housekeeper


The candidate must first and foremost be honest so that you can establish a trust-based relationship with them. You must fearlessly entrust the keys to your home to the person and let them take care of your most valuable possessions. Honesty and integrity are then highly required and valued qualities.


Punctuality is also an important element because this quality is in line with your own pace of life, your family habits and your home time. For example, if you want to receive guests, and your housekeeper is late, you will be in trouble.


Your household staff must also be meticulous in the execution of their tasks. Essentially, what you want is a clean house, not a place with just cut corners. Thus, it is essential to verify the references and the professional experiences of a candidate before hiring him or her. Make sure that the person really likes their job.

One tip from the professionals: To keep your household staff for a long time, adopt positive behaviors by allowing them to take some initiatives. It is also advised to compliment them on their work and avoid being too demanding. They will also like you to provide them with the household products they prefer and that they consider effective.